Saturday, October 30, 2010

T. Padilla road widening: Families affected to receive cash aid
By Jessica Ann R. Pareja/WAB (The Freeman) Updated October 21, 2010

CEBU, Philippines – All 103 families affected by the restoration of the 10-meter road easement in barangay T. Padilla shall receive at least P5,000 financial assistance from the Cebu City government if the City Council approves the resolution proposed to allocate P835,000 for the purpose.

Councilor Alvin Dizon will propose during tomorrow's regular council session to fast track the release of the funds since the restoration is ongoing and the residents need the assistance badly.

"The Cebu City Disaster Coordinating Council has recommended to extend financial assistance to the affected beneficiaries as the housing materials are not enough to compensate for the extent of damage in the houses that will have to be partially or fully demolished to pave the way for the road restoration project," the proposed resolution reads.

The road restoration in T. Padilla is the response of the city government to requests to make the roads in the barangay more accessible after it was hit by a big fire in August.

Narrow roads reportedly caused delay for the fire trucks to get to the area that allegedly increased the extent of the damage.

"In order to improve the accessibility of the interior portion of the affected area and to ensure proper passageways for emergency situations, the Cebu City government and the lot owners, the heirs of Don Teresio Villa, have agreed restore the 10 meter road easement at T. Villa, F. Villa and the unnamed road connecting T. Villa and F. Villa," added Dizon.

The Division for the Welfare of the Urban Poor has identified 103 families whose houses will be partially or fully demolished because of the road restoration project.

Those whose houses will only be partially affected will receive P5,000 while those whose house will be totally demolished will receive P10,000.

Dizon clarified that this will be on top of the building materials that will be provided to them to repair or rebuild their houses.

The city government and the heirs of Don Teresio Villa have already signed a memorandum of agreement for the development.

Mayor Michael L. Rama has also already approved the request to provide financial assistance to the affected families with a total amount of P835,000.

After the city finishes the widening and asphalting of the 600-meter F. Villa and T. Villa streets, reblocking will be conducted to be based on the Subdivision Plan prepared by T. Padilla barangay captain Michael Ralota, who is an architect.

The plan divides the fire-stricken area in 86 slots of 25 to 50 square meters each.

The lots will be raffled to the fire victims who will sign a memorandum of agreement with the owners that they will pay their dues and will not engage in illegal activities such as drugs, wiretapping and other crimes.

The recent fire in T. Padilla destroyed the homes of 786 families with around 3,500 individuals affected. (FREEMAN)

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