Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Speech: Welcome Dinner hosted by Kortrijk City officials, Belgium

By Councilor Alvin M. Dizon

A very pleasant evening to everyone - Goedenavond ("KHOO dun AH fohnt")
In behalf of the Cebu City Government and the people of Cebu, let me extend my sincerest appreciation for inviting us to be here to the beautiful city of Kortrijk - Dank u wel ("dahnk oo vel")

Two years ago, I was also doing international cooperation work under the Olof Palme Center as a Regional Coordinator for Asia. I was so in love with the job because it placed me in a very good perspective to understand and appreciate development issues in a macro context. The 5 years with Olof Palme Centre thus led me to an important conclusion--we are more similar than different.

Interestingly, the more I see what’s happening beyond the borders of my country, the more I was drawn to go back into serving it again as I have gained valuable insights and learning from the years of international cooperation work. I was privileged to be given the opportunity to serve my fellow Filipinos and Cebuanos when I got elected as Cebu City councilor and now on my first year.

Recognizing my extensive exposure in international cooperation, I was given the Vice-chairmanship of the Committee on Tourism and Foreign Relations of the Cebu City council and was designated as the point person of the City as far as the city-to-city cooperation with Kortrijk is concerned.

The vital importance of international cooperation, exchange and linkaging among local governments cannot be underemphasized in a world that has evolved from the struggle to independence towards increased solidarity and interdependence and cooperation rather than exclusion.

The world functions as a single integrated unit and enhanced regional and international collaboration among local governments should be the norm as this has proven to be mutually beneficial to not only address development issues at the local level through international assistance but combating global issues as well such as climate change, terrorism, global poverty and hunger, and other transboundary issues and concerns.

In this highly integrated world, it is even difficult to dichotomize (divide) between local and global issues as both reinforce each other. International cooperation is an important learning tool in understanding the social, political, environmental and economic issues that face other parts of the world.

It is within this context that the Cebu City government commits its governance towards forging partnerships with the city of Kortrijk as international cooperation has direct relevance to our local community concerns, effective service delivery, and increased awareness and understanding.

Exchange visits like these can provide a unique experience and insight into the lifestyles and environment of another community where rich insights can be source of inspiration and replication. International cooperation can link directly into this work by giving us the opportunity to collaborate with counterparts overseas and to share information and experience in a number of service areas to make us more effective and meaningful public servants to our constituents.

The partnerships between Cebu and Kortrijk provides an opportunity to put our two cities and cultures together. More importantly, twinning can increase our understanding of the world and can bring together all members of our local communities, regardless of age, ethnic or religious background, gender, disability or social or economic status.

With this, let me extend again my heartfelt appreciation to the city of Kortrijk for this invitation. We look forward to an interesting and fruitful exchanges in the coming days. And there’s no best gift that we can bring to our constituents than a renewed and reinvigorated spirits equipped with valuable learning to benefit the communities we serve

Friday, July 8, 2011

One-Year Report of City Councilor Alvin M. Dizon

Councilor, City Of Cebu

Chairperson, Committee on Housing
Vice-Chairperson, Committee on Tourism and Local and International Relations and Arts and Culture
Vice-Chairperson, Committee on Youth &Sports Development
Member, Committee on Labor, Employment, Livelihood and Manpower Development and Placement
Member, Committee on Trade, Commerce, Commerce, Cooperatives and Entrepreneurship
Member, Committee on Education, Science and Technology
Member, Committee on Urban Planning and Development
Member, Committee on Markets

174 RESOLUTIONS filed and approved

• Urban Poor and Housing Rights - 52
• Basic Services: 38
• Good Governance: 12
• Workers’ Rights and Welfare: 12
• Persons with Disabilities: 7
• Environment and Climate Change: 6
• Children: 4
• Women and Gender Equality: 3
• Youth and Education: 2
• Consumer Protection: 4
• Human Rights: 3
• Senior Citizens: 1
• Authorize the Mayor to Sign MOA: 7
• Voters Education: 1
• Agriculture Development: 1
• Sports Development: 1
• Health: 3
• Commendations: 13
• Others: 4

12 resolutions sponsored granting transfer tax exemptions to hundreds of socialized housing program beneficiaries of the city.

4 ORDINANCES filed and approved• Ordinance 2254
An Ordinance Adopting and Approving the Cebu City Shelter Plan Framework 2011-2016 That Will serve as Guidelines for All Housing Programs, Projects and Initiatives in the City of Cebu. By virtue of this ordinance, Cebu City is the first highly urbanized city to approve its Shelter Framework Plan.
• Ordinance 2259
An Ordinance Restructuring the Loans and Extending the Terms of Payment to a Maximum Period of Ten Years of the Beneficiaries of the Slum Improvement and Resettlement (SIR) Program. Almost 2,000 SIR urban poor beneficiaries can be provided with security of land tenure through the restructuring program and the extension in the terms of payment
• Ordinance 2247
An Ordinance Increasing Private Sector Representation in the Cebu City Cultural and Historical Affairs Commision, Amending for the Purpose Sections 5, 8 and 9 of Ordinance No. 1098 Entitled An Ordinance Instituting the Cultural and Historical Affairs Commission of Cebu City as Amended
• Ordinance 2251
An Ordinance Amending Further Section 3 of Ordinance No. 1762, As Amended, Otherwise Known as the Ordinance Creating the Cebu City Houisng Board, Providing for its Functions and for Other Purposes Including in the Membership of the Board One Additional Non-Government Organization (NGO) Representative

• On Housing: 6
• On Tourism : 2

PROJECTS AND ACTIVITIESIn partnership with the NGOs, POs, Barangay Governments, Different Departments in City Hall, Private Organizations and Concerned Citizens.

 50 children in Barangay Busay availed of “Operation Tuli” in partnership with the Cebu City Health Department and Cebu City Medical Center.
 130 Badjao families in Barangay Mambaling were benefited after the installation of 3 electric posts by the Visayan Electric Company which provided the needed lights in the community and contributed towards the peace and order in the area.
 96 families who were fire victims in Barangay T. Padilla and affected by the City government’s road restoration project were provided with financial help and housing materials allowing them to rebuild their homes.
 900 people assisted with various medical, dental and legal concerns in collaboration with DYRC-Cebu’s Dangpanan Operation Tulong.
 200 underprivileged pre-school children in selected mountain barangays benefited from the free school supplies with the support of some private groups and citizens.
 500 participants attended the “First World Habitat Day Celebration” in Cebu City organized by the Office of Councilor Alvin M. Dizon last October 4, 2010 with DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo as guest speaker.
 263 meetings attended and presided with various associations and organizations.
 100 monobloc chairs provided to the urban poor organizations of CURE Foundation in Barangays Pit-os, Busay, Budlaan and Lahug which they can use for their organizational activities.
-Access and Utilization
 5,000,000 million worth of Local Development Funds were earmarked for various community projects in the city’s barangays for the year 2011.
 256,000 pesos worth of financial assistance provided for displaced Mahiga families in cooperation with Cebu City Representatives Tomas R. Osmena and Cutie Del Mar.
 500,000 pesos worth of medical and hospitalization aid will be provided for low-income families after facilitating the signing of Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between AKBAYAN Party and Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center.
 600,000 pesos was facilitated for the site development of the Gawad Kalinga-Lorega housing project where a three-storey socialized housing building will benefit 60 families presently living in the Lorega public cemetery

-Requests and Assistance
• 208 requests facilitated for sports equipments and financial assistance for various community activities.
• 189 job applicants seeking employment at the public and private sector were provided with letters of recommendation and endorsement.
• 62 youths were endorsed and admitted to the Special Program for Employment Students (SPES) of the Cebu City government.
• 16 requests facilitated for free use of City hall buses
• 21 requests facilitated for the City Hospitalization and Medicines Program (CHAMP).
• 64 requests faciliated for adjudication at CITOM and LTO.

“It is my conviction that when we side with the poor and social justice, we would never go wrong ”

Councilor Alvin Dizon's message to the Mahiga settlers in Barangay Mabolo, May 20, 2011

Monday, January 24, 2011

Gawad Kalinga breaks ground for socialized housing in old Lorega cemetery | Sun.Star Network Online

Gawad Kalinga breaks ground for socialized housing in old Lorega cemetery Sun.Star Network Online
Six more medium-rose buildings will soon be constructed on top of the Lorega San Miguel Public Cemetery.
Cebu City Councilor Alvin Dizon said a cemetery will house a total of seven buildings in order to accomodate all the families currently living inside the facility.